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Faro airport Car Hire revamped website for Portugal car hire Algarve

We can confidently say that the My Portugal Car service is 20 years younger.

Coinciding with what should be a year of resumption of all tourist activity around the world after two years of confinement and very low tourism rates, we have also decided to make our contribution with a view to facilitating the online reservation process for rental cars in Portugal, thus giving customers more confidence when making their rental car reservation and potentially increasing the success rate in tourism statistics in Portugal.

MyPortugalCar was born in 2002, as described in our About us page, within the Portugal em Linha group and with a rental car reservation service at Faro airport and throughout the Algarve.

We have over 20 years of experience in maintaining online rental car booking services in the Algarve!

Over these more than two decades, we have created a base of thousands of satisfied customers and have accompanied them, through various upgrades of our car rental website in Faro and our online rent a car reservation engine.
Since 2002 we have been following the evolution of the developments verified on the web but also the evolution of the demands of the customers, more and more informed demanding fast and quality online services.
In this sense, we carried out several updates, always with the aim of providing a more "intelligent" reservation service, allowing users to make their rental car reservations faster and more accurately through more evolved programming.

This new update that we are now presenting improves even more a facility already contained in the previous version but still a little incipient: The possibility of making rental car reservations through any digital peripheral, including smartphones, using the technology of responsive web sites.
With this new version, MyPortugalCar customers have our rental car reservation system in their pocket and the ease of being able to reserve a car anywhere, anytime.

Times after the pandemic are not yet completely normalized and periods of shortages of rental cars are still expected due to the difficulties that are still a reality in purchasing new cars to complement the rental fleets of rent a car companies.
That's why we advise our customers to plan their holidays in the Algarve or Portugal as far in advance as possible and that, likewise, book their rental cars in the Algarve or another location in Portugal in advance, in order to guarantee availability. by car for your holidays in Portugal.

By anticipating the reservation of rental cars in Portugal, customers guarantee a lower price before the large influx of reservations for high seasons and guarantee that their rental car for their desired vacation is guaranteed.

Book ahead your Faro Car Hire for your holidays in Algarve Portugal and overcome car rental shortage for 2023.

Choose My Portugal Car Algarve for Fair Rates and Excellent Service

As customers we know that the trust we place in the companies we choose is very important. At My Portugal Car we know that this trust can only be guaranteed through a serious and honest car hire service without deceiving the customer. We know that a satisfied customer will come back and recommend us to his/her friends. That's why our customers trust us when they need to rent a car in Faro airport or elsewhere in the Algarve. That is the reason you should choose Auto Rent Algarve for your car hire holidays in Algarve. We are sure you will be happy you did.

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